Krishna’s Secrets for success..

On the occasion of Janamshtami i.e. Lord Krishan’s birth anniversary, sharing few secrets of success that will improve the decision making ability.

Results(2.47): Nishkam Karma mentioned in Gita is often referred by most of us. You have control over your actions while performing your duties, but have no control over the end result. The end result should not malign or deviate you from your motto to achieve your goal. Just put the sincere efforts with great conviction.

Krishna’s teaching through Gita

High standards (3.21): Set high standards to your efforts and your goals, and push yourself harder to achieve them. The scholars and successful people usually set a very high standards for themselves. You can set your own standards to master in your field without worrying about the failures or consequences and achieve your goal. This high standards goals will inspire you and others.

Equality (6.09): Treat every being at par i.e. not getting influenced by people who are closer to you (such as friends, family, companion, saints) or far (such as opponents, enemies sinners)…

Your decision should be not be influenced by your emotions and you must treat everyone with same dignity. A son shouldn’t take over father’s business/profession by virtue of being his son, but by his ability as a competent individual.

Peace of mind (6.35): Lord Krishan preached Arjuna the value of peaceful mind through mediation and other spiritual practices. Restless mind can not think properly or objectively that is the key to the effective decision making process.

Change(14.13): Change is inevitable. Be prepared for the change in your life. If you ignore this law, you will become inactive, delusional and carelessness. So, accept it and be part of the change. This will generate dynamism that will influence your actions.

Stress (12.15): The stress is the result of our response to others actions. You can remain detached to joy, sorrow, fear, happiness and anxiety. You must maintain your equanimity. Hey Arjuna, I love a person who is not affected by others’ actions and others’ are not negatively affected (stressed) by a person’s actions.

Conviction(17.28): Any action without conviction or faith will not bring required value. Throw yourself into action and achieve your goal.

Knowledge(18.63): Knowledge is more powerful secret that would guide you in your action in achieving your goal.

Perseverance: Along with the conviction, you need to have perseverance to  achieve your goal in your life.

Truth will find its place when People wish to Evolve and your goal will be achieved ultimately.

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