Diwali: Celebration of the Light

Today’s festival of the year,
To celebrate it with our near and dear;
An occasion to spread joy and merry laughter
and exchange sweets ‘n’ gifts to welcome Varuna’s* daughter.

To remove darkness of the mind…
With the lights of ‘diya’, crackers of such kind…
That inspires us to remove the darkness of ignorance,
With the knowledge and its significance.

Let us find out out what’s right,
Through the soul of eternal light;
To illumine our surroundings and ignite,
the beacon of wisdom and delight.

A festival that is meant for all,
Not considering any divisions at all…
Either you vow to preserve this proud tradition,
or make our posterity’s future better as a mission…

*According to the Hindu tradition, the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, is the daughter of the Sea God, Varuna.

Diwali Sonnet by Sandhya Jane

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