Job Offer – Is it worth it?

These are some of the generic recommendations that every job seeker, including the business analyst, must consider. The following points will help you reach a well-considered decision.

Job offer – Is it worth it?

  • Company

    • What is the company’s core business, e.g., hospitality, manufacturing, banking, construction, transportation, etc.?
    • Next, check if you wish to pursue your career in that field? This is irrespective of whether you are freshly starting off in your career or planning to change to a different field altogether.
    • What is the organizational culture?
    • Check the or other job sites to assess the feedback from former employees about the organization.
    • Does the organization provide a work-life balance?
  • Role

    • What is the departmental hierarchy? Understanding this will provide you with an insight into opportunities for future growth.
    • What is the project/programmeabout? What experience will it offer?
    • What is likely to be your future prospects in the department/organization? You might get some details on this during the interview process.
    • Is the job description realistic?
    • What would be your key responsibilities as the business analyst since requirements may vary from data analysis to requirement engineering to overseeing the project delivery in terms of requirements?
    • Is that experience aligned with your future career path or interests?
    • Who are your stakeholders?
    • Do you have other options? Is there an urgency to decide?
  • Future Prospects

    • What is the level of compensation offered? Is it below or above the industry average?
    • What are some of the other benefits that the organization may provide?
    • What are the KPIs or performance review criteria? A friend or acquaintance already working there can provide you with these details.
    • Will you have access to useful training and networking opportunities?
    • Will working at that company add credibility to your resume?

When evaluating whether to accept a job offer, all of the above points need to be considered. Additionally, there may be other details specific to the role or company that you may need to consider as well.

Good Luck, friends!

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