How many of us will imagine the cost of poor quality software solutions? Why is Business Analysis and Change Management important for an organization? 

CISQ i.e. Consortium for Information & Software Quality reported that for the year 2020, CISQ determined the total Cost of Poor Software Quality (CPSQ) in the US alone is $2.08 trillion (T). It is almost half of India’s GDP. The study is only pertaining to the US, think about the cost of failed software’s in other parts of the world. This is the volume of loss based on the available data and that too in the US alone …. In actuality it can be much more.

This is the reason Business Analysts and Change Management professionals have a significant role to play in an organization by studying business needs and recommending a solution or improvements that are directly related to revenue, business risk, brand image, customer services and business operations. Without their focused efforts and adequate support provided to them by the organization and by the stakeholders it is impossible to succeed. 

Technology is deeply integrated in human life, so we need to understand and appreciate the impact these technologies have on our lives. There are two ways to understand the impact of these technologies and one by visualizing life without technology or supported solutions and second the impact of faulty solutions. The first part is easy to imagine as the mere thought of life without technology gives us goosebumps, however it is the second part about flaws, errors, mistakes or bugs that create at any point between defining the problem and its solutioning, resulting in faulty solutions.

Faulty software’s and solutions can result in significant losses for the organization in terms of financial values, organization efficiency, brand image and much more. A mistake at any stage of life cycle can have far reaching deleterious ramifications from financial loss to human deaths. There are several examples of failed software causing disaster in different industries . For example, in 2012 Knight Capital had to bear loss of up to $440 million due to its newly implemented faulty software.

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