14 Most Important Skills or Qualities that Business Analyst should develop to Succeed

It seems correct that having or developing the right attitude, skill and personality traits is crucial for success in jobs or careers in any particular career or profession in any industry. However, motivating learners, friends, colleagues or employees by saying that hard work, knowledge and determination are the key to success is nothing but an easy and lazy answer. Everyone is usually used to hearing such things since childhood, therefore such answers fail to ring a bell. 

Presently, it is really important to break down not only the path to success in a career but also the skills, attitude and personality traits needed for success. A more detailed explanation of all the traits and skills not only makes it look doable but also creates a comprehensive understanding of the job role in a real world environment.  

The 14 personality traits that are most commonly used by successful people in Business Analyst or Change Management roles are – 

  1. Communication skill, 
  2. Analytical skill, 
  3. Critical Thinking, 
  4. Problem Solving, 
  5. Curiosity, 
  6. Attention to detail, 
  7. Digital savviness, 
  8. Team Player, 
  9. Relationship Building, 
  10. Influencing skills, 
  11. Leadership qualities, 
  12. Understanding Organizational Dynamics, 
  13. Poise and Resilience 
  14. Ethical Awareness

These traits actually define how your career will grow in this role in any industry. The video here contains all 14 personality traits with explanations of what this trait means in a Business Analyst role. If you watch this video closely you’ll feel that it is applicable to nearly all jobs and careers in the world.

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