Second Spring Review by Biswanath Banerjee

Second Spring Reviews: There is a big Pipal tree in front of our house-just facing my study window. It seems so near –it seems that if I take out my hand out of the window, I can touch the branches. It’s winter time now in India and every winter it sheds all its leaves. In the middle of December, if you look at the tree, it will look like a skeleton of a tree, with not a single leaf. As if the tree is dead. Then comes the spring and new lease of life is sprinkled to the tree. New leaves emerging, yellow giving way to a wonderful combination of red and green –as if it is a festival of life.
Sometimes when I am alone in the study, I think that the human life is like the tree. When winter comes-the life goes inside the cocoon. Then comes the spring again-and it is a new song of life. Human life always fights against all odds, against all fragility-towards a new ray of hope. The story of life is always this prayer of hope. Sometimes there are ups; sometimes there are downs, sometimes human life faces a crushing defeat-but it is that hope that keeps human alive. Literature that speak of this hope are one of my favorite readings. That’s why ‘ A second spring-brings new hope’ by Sandhya Jane touches my heart.

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