How Jijamata Created A Motherhood Magic?

Dear Modern Girls,

Celebrate being a woman. A rare opportunity. Do NOT waste your time and energy comparing men vs women. By doing this, you insult your womanhood, your talent, and your hidden sixth sense, which is necessary for your success.

If you open your mind, you will be able to find your way to achieve bigger dreams than you think of. Take a clue from Jijamata who didn’t waste her time or energy comparing with her husband or envying her husband’s second wife. With a wealth of talent, she had vision and she created the finest leader who delivered her vision. Who is more powerful? Shivaji Maharaj or Jijamata who gave him the right training, sanskars, and vision…She saved Bharat and immortalized Shivaji Maharaj and ultimately herself.

No management school will teach you this wisdom.


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About Jijamata: Rajmata Jijabai, a role model – small post dedicated to great lady on occasion of Rajmata’s anniversary. Jijabai married to Shahaji Raje at young age. She was separated when Shivaji Raje was very young. She got a small estate to support herself and her son. Shahaji Raje took their elder son, Sambhaji Raje with him as he thought he could groom him as his future heir.
Jijamata single handedly raised and inspired Shivaji Raje to build independent empire from the scratch who in turn created unparalleled history that even Shahaji Raje couldn’t do it.
Jajabai’ contribution is beyond this as she build Shivaji’s impeccable and spotless character. She was ideal mother and role model for every mother.
This is the power of motherhood and power womanhood. She was true feminist as she was modern, courageous, strategist, and highly intelligent lady….who participated in every aspect of governance that helped Shivaji Raje to focus his efforts on war and other areas.
She was by all means true role model in every aspect to every modern girl.


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