Healthy Veggie Oats Upma in 10 minutes

This is healthy and hearty breakfast. It can be prepared under 10 minutes

Healthy Veggie Oats Upma Ingredients
-4 tablespoons of chopped veggies of your choice ( i used carrots, beans, baby corns, onion)
– One tablespoon roasted peanuts
– Cumin seeds (optional).
– One chopped green chili
– Salts to taste
– Turmeric powder
– Chili powder (as per your taste)
– One spoon of cooking oil
– One tablespoon of oats
– Coriander leaves

Healthy Veggie Oats Upma Recipe
– Add cooking oil and heat to smoking point
– Add cumin seeds and fry for 30 seconds
– Add onion, green chilis, ginger and sauté for 30 seconds
– Add veggies and fry for one minute.
– Add spices and salt and stir for one minute
– Add 2 cups of water and boil
– Add oats and peanuts and mix them.
– Cover it and cook for 5-6 min
– Garnish with coriander and serve


You may replace oats with cooked dalia (broken wheat) or roasted semolina

If you are on diet, please ensure to take 3/4 portion of chopped veggies and 1/4 portion of oats or semolina or cooked dalia

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